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Horseback riding for beginners

Corfu offers breathtaking landscapes, olive groves, beaches and wonderful tours in every part of the island. Getting to know the country on horseback, seeing the sunrise or sunset on a horse on the beach is priceless.

We can offer you the best horseback riding, even without any previous experience. All horses are experienced and well trained. The riding instructors are always on site and will show you the most important basics. There's always someone by your side if you have any questions - but you'll probably just be enjoying the scenery and sea views, as the horses are used to tourists and can adapt to any new rider.

About horseback riding

Reiten für Fortgeschrittene

Who doesn't dream of galloping through a new landscape or on the beach? No matter what gaits you master, we can offer you your riding experience at your experience level. Are you safe in the saddle? Do you feel at home at the trot and canter? Sie sind erfahren und geländegängig?

Wir bieten Einzelstunden und Gruppenstunden für Fortgeschrittene an.